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  Pixlr is one of the top online photo editors today. Pixlr offers two options for mobile and the Pixlr Editor for the desktop. Only the desktop app was reviewed here. It is capable of quick, simple adjustments, but will frustrate anyone looking for a Photoshop alternative.
  On the plus side, no download or installation is needed, as it runs in the browser. It should run on Windows, Mac or Linux. Pixlr performs well and offers a good selection of filters. It also supports layers, however, a layered image can only be saved in Pixlr's proprietary format. Layer masks are supported.
  Pixlr's negatives include, limited selection tools, limited text tools and limited layer styles. You may need to change your internet security settings or download and enable browser plug-ins to make full use of Pixlr (my settings blocked pasting into an image).
    - - The Bottom Line - -
  Anyone needing to make a few quick, simple adjustments may find value in Pixlr, but I found the online editor to be far too limited and was annoyed with the browser settings/plug-ins issue. If you only occasionally need a photo editor, give it a go.
        Try Pixlr HERE